Political cooperation

Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Korea were established on March 23, 1992.

Relations between the two countries were further intensified with the establishment of Korean Embassy in Azerbaijan as well as Azerbaijani Embassy in Korea in 2006 and in 2007 respectfully.

In 2006 and 2007, mutual visits of the Azerbaijani and Korean heads of state laid the foundation of a new stage of political dialogue at the highest level and bilateral cooperation.

Later, the meetings and negotiations held during mutual visits of the heads of government, speakers of parliament and members of the government have played an important role in expanding our relations.

At present, there is a comprehensive legal framework between the two countries, and about 70 documents have been signed between the parties so far.

On the occasions of 25th and 30th anniversaries of establishment of Azerbaijan-Korea diplomatic relations, exchange of congratulatory letters took place between the heads of state and foreign ministers in 2017 and 2022 respectfully.

There is a mechanism of political consultations between Azerbaijani-Korean Ministries of Foreign Affairs and so far four consultations, last one being held in 2022, have been conducted in Baku and Seoul.

The two countries actively cooperate within various international and regional organizations.

A high level of bilateral contacts has been established between the legislative bodies of Azerbaijan and Korea numerous reciprocal visits were carried out in the past years. Friendship groups are operational under the parliaments of Azerbaijan and Korea and functional cooperation has been established between them. Successful cooperation is realized among the parliaments of the two countries in multilateral formats as well, like Meeting of Speakers of Eurasian Countries’ Parliaments and International Conference of Asian Political Parties.

Political relations between Azerbaijan and Korea are dynamic and unique in the South Caucasus region our bilateral cooperation manifested by diplomatic representations is rich in terms of directions and mechanisms as well as scope and content.



Last updated: 28.02.2023 


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