Educational cooperation

Educational cooperation



In the context of the relations between Azerbaijan and Korea, the role of educational cooperation between the two countries should be particularly emphasized. In this regard, it is of great importance to further strengthen human capital, explore advanced practices to promote the development of science and education, including research and innovation, as well as the expansion of bilateral scientific-academic cooperation.


Korea is among the top countries where Azerbaijani students choose to study. Currently, approximately 200 Azerbaijani students are studying at various Korean universities. Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and Korea Development Institute (KDI) provide support to Azerbaijani students to study in Korea and to increase the potential of the collaborators of the state agencies of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Since Azerbaijani and Korean languages belong to the same Ural-Altaic language family, there is a mutual interest in learning Azerbaijani in Korea and Korean in Azerbaijan. Currently, Korean language is taught in 2 universities in Azerbaijan, namely Baku State University and Azerbaijan University of Languages. At the same time, Azerbaijani language is one of 15 strategic languages taught in Korea. Azerbaijani language is taught at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS).


Turkish-Azerbaijani Department operates at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS). At the same time, Korean Studies Center has been established at Azerbaijan University of Languages, the Korea Center has been founded at Nakhchivan State University, as well as Azerbaijan-Korea Information Support Center and Korean Studies specialty has been set up at Baku State University.


Numerous documents on scientific-academic cooperation have been signed between Azerbaijani and Korean universities and scientific-research institutes. Those documents encompass elements such as the implementation of dual degree programs, student-faculty exchanges and Summer School.


Last updated: 07.09.2023


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